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When your career at Virginia Commonwealth University ends and retirement begins, your relationship with the university continues. Listed below are links leading to retiree-centered information on the human resources site, as well as opportunities for continued involvement.

In addition to the links below, our retirement planning section also contains relevant information for retirees, such as retiree health insurance, retiree health care credit, life insurance and part-time work programs. To review this information, click here.

Additional resources and points of interest:

Interested in returning to VCU for short-term assignments? If you are a retiree and would like to be considered for projects or short-term assignments on campus that will not affect your retirement status, click here for more information.

The Commonwealth Society – Connects learners of all ages to the resources of VCU.

VCU Department of Gerontology – Health care professionals who specialize in the field of aging related dimensions of change over the lifespan. Applied gerontologists work directly with older persons, communicating with and analyzing individuals, families and groups.

The VCU Alumni and the MCV Alumni Associations – Mobilize alumni in support of service initiatives throughout the country.

Adult volunteer opportunities – From the Arthur Ashe Reading Program to volunteer work on the pediatric unit with in-house patients, opportunities abound at the VCU Medical Center.

Virginia Mentoring Partnership – Provides training and technical assistance to existing and developing mentor/tutor programs for children and youth across the commonwealth of Virginia. Visit the VCU Division of Community Engagement for more information.

Events at VCU – Just because you no longer work for the university doesn't mean you can’t continue to enjoy many of the university’s events. Click here to review upcoming opportunities.

VCU news – Though you’re bound to hear about much of the great news pertaining to VCU through local news sources, don’t forget to visit VCU’s News Center for ongoing information.

Supporting VCU

Whether you’re a VCU alumnus, a retiree or both, there are many ways for you to make a difference in the lives of those following in your footsteps. Visit Support VCU for more details.

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