Virginia Commonwealth University

Employee relations and performance management

Annual performance cycle

Employees hired before July 25, 2012, and rated “extraordinary achiever,” “high achiever,” “achiever” or “fair performer” must receive completed performance appraisals by Oct. 19.

Employee self-evaluation

Your supervisor must offer you the opportunity to complete a self-assessment before he/she completes your annual evaluation. Employees also may be required to submit self-assessments.

Performance appeals

If you have concerns about your performance evaluation, you can put your issues in writing to the reviewer within 10 workdays of your receipt of the performance evaluation. You should specify the areas of disagreement and your desired changes. The reviewer may discuss the issues further with you and/or your supervisor and should respond to you in writing within five workdays.

Use of this process does not automatically extend the 30-calendar day timeframe to initiate a formal grievance.

For more information about the annual performance review process and appealing a review, contact Employee Relations at or (804) 828-1510.

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