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Open enrollment for health benefits and flexible spending accounts: May 1-22, 2015

Changes made during open enrollment (May 1-22) become effective beginning July 1. More information will be available in April.

Anthem Breach

COVA Care and COVA HDHP participants seeking information about the cyberattack against Anthem can visit for information about the investigation.

  • See this notice from the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM), which administers the state employee health benefits program.
  • See also this notice from Anthem alerting consumers to be aware of, and protect themselves against, email scams related to the cyberattack.
  • Anthem has contracted with AllClear ID to offer 24 months of identity theft repair and credit monitoring services to Anthem participants. To request identity repair assistance through AllClear ID, or to enroll in AllClear PRO at no cost (including credit monitoring and an identity theft insurance policy), visit for instructions.
Faculty and staff in VRS hybrid plan: March 16, 2015 is approaching - increase your voluntary contributions now!

Virginia Retirement System (VRS) hybrid plan participants can increase voluntary contributions once per quarter. The election deadline for April 2015 changes is Friday, March 16, 2015. Participants can make voluntary contributions up to 4% of their creditable salary into the defined contribution component of their hybrid account and receive up to a 2.5% employer match. For more information about the effect of increasing voluntary contributions, see "Voluntary Contributions - How Important Are They to Your Future" pdf icon.

Questions? Contact VCU Benefits at (804) 827-1723 or

Update on benefits for same-sex spouses  

Same-sex spouses became eligible for coverage in the State Health Benefits Program when Virginia began recognizing same-sex marriages on Monday, Oct. 6, 2014. 

  • Eligible faculty and staff have 60 calendar days, starting with Oct. 6, 2014 to request membership and coverage changes. The completed enrollment form at pdf icon must be accompanied by the required documentation for spouses and other eligible family members specified on page 2 of the form. For more information, see this communication pdf icon from the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM), which administers the State Health Benefits Program. 

  • Eligible faculty and staff can now also purchase optional group life insurance for same-sex spouses.   

    As always...
    • Newly married employees who are already covered by optional group life insurance can add a spouse within the first 31 days of marriage without medical approval for the guaranteed issue amount.  
    • Employees who are not covered by optional group life insurance can enroll within the first 31 days of faculty or classified staff employment without medical approval for the guaranteed issue amount.
    • After 31 days of eligible employment, medical approval is required for the guaranteed issue amount.
    • Medical approval is also required for any coverage above the guaranteed issue amount. 

Questions? Contact VCU Benefits at (804) 827-1723 or

Special programs for faculty and staff in the State Health Benefits Program

Disease management, maternity management and bariatric surgery programs previously offered through Anthem have transitioned to ActiveHealth Management for the current plan year and are available to COVA Care, COVA HealthAware and COVA HDHP participants. New lifestyle coaching services have also been added. Health plan participants will receive information from ActiveHealth Management at their home addresses. For more information, visit pdf icon. For questions, contact VCU Benefits at (804) 827-1723 or

HR seminars for important savings, investment and retirement information 
Total compensation

Compensation is more than just a paycheck at VCU. You enjoy many benefits beyond the value of your salary. Learn more about how much you really make pdf icon

VRS member news

Full-time and part-time faculty and staff enrolled in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) can stay informed about their retirement benefits by subscribing to the VRS member news publication.

Questions? Contact VCU benefits at (804) 827-1723 or

VRS member benefit profiles

Annual member benefit profiles (MBPs) for participants in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) are available by logging onto myVRS. VRS no longer mails paper copies of these statements. Employees without computer access may request a printed copy of their MBP by contacting VCU benefits at (804) 827-1723 or

Concerned about market events?

Check out these resources from Fidelity and TIAA-CREF:     

Need to speak to an investment counselor on campus? Click here to schedule an appointment.

Benefits summaries

Benefits are an important part of your total employment package from VCU. Some of these benefits are provided automatically to you while others are optional. In addition, you can choose to extend some benefits beyond your university employment. For a summary of all your benefits, choose from the employment classification below that best describes your position at the university.



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New employee resources

New to VCU? We offer a number of resources for new employees — from orientation to training opportunities to handbooks. Be sure to review the new employees page for a listing of these links.

Life events and your benefits

Any time you experience a life event change — such as getting married, starting a family or retiring — remember to review your benefits. You may need to provide us with updates. Other times, you may want help in resolving some of the family and personal issues that occur because of these changes. In those situations, please look into our work/life resources for assistance.

VCU Gold access to health care

VCU Gold is a program that allows university employees and their family members (new patients) to receive “fast track” ambulatory care scheduling with the first available provider at VCU medical center specialty clinics. Call (804) 628-3627 to learn more or to schedule an appointment. Visit the VCU Gold page for details.